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Anchorage (Whittier), Alaska

Whittier, approximately 65 miles southeast of Anchorage, lies nestled at the base of the Chugach Mountains bordering Passage Canal. Established as a World War II port for cargo and troops of the Alaska Command, Whittier remained activated until 1960. Today, Whittier's economy and its 290 residents rely largely on the fishing industry, the port and, increasingly, on tourism.

Once accessible only by boat or via a war-era railway tunnel, The Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel was recently enhanced to accommodate highway traffic as well, making it the longest highway/rail tunnel in North America at 2.5 miles.

Named for the poet John Greenleaf Whittier, the community is also the gateway to spectacular Prince William Sound, with its magnificent tidewater glaciers and abundant marine life.

Whittier tours are available to passengers on back-to-back voyages who will stay onboard the ship and cruise back to Vancouver as well as guests ending their cruise in Whittier wiith an evening flight out of Anchorage on the day of disembarkation or an overnight in Anchorage after their cruise. Whittier tours are only available to cruisetour guests who spend the first night of their package in Anchorage. Other cruisetour guests cannot take an excursion as they would miss the transfer their next destination.

Luggage Handling

Luggage for all guests on a Princess Cruise Tour will be taken by truck to their hotel. Guests will not have any access to their bags until delivered to their hotel room. All necessary items such as travel documents and medications should be in their carry on.

Luggage for disembarking guests who have purchased a Princess Transfer will be trucked to the Airport or Hospitality Center. The specific location for each guest will be noted on the disembarkation information provided by the ship. All necessary items such as travel documents and medications should be in their carry on.

Luggage for guests with independent travel arrangements from Whittier will collect their luggage in the Cruise Terminal. There are no porters in Whittier and luggage will need to be handled by the guests. Carts are available at no cost; however, staff will not be able to assist due to longshore regulations.

Please note that there are no luggage storage services available in the Whittier Terminal.

Port Address
Whittier Cruise Ship Terminal
West Camp Road
Whittier, AK 99664
United States Dollar (USD)
Time Zone
PST -1 hr
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